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Our Story

The Grange is part of the history and heritage of Mosgiel



The Grange is privately owned by Terry and Mandy Pratley, Geoff and Leanne McPhail and their families. They have jointly owned and operated retirement villages for the past 30 years.


The vision for The Grange and Te Awa started when Terry and Geoff were talking about what luxury lifecare could look like. They believed there was potential to create a new experience of lifecare - one set in an outstanding rural location, offering a full range of care facilities and a prosperous community. They decided to bring the vision to life and created Te Awa and now, The Grange Lifecare for you to enjoy and make your new home. 


Located near Mosgiel, in East Taieri. The Grange Lifecare is set to be one of New Zealand’s leading lifecare villages, offering a full range of independent living, assisted living and care options.


We are proud to share that the first ten two and three bedroom villas are now complete - each with their own double garage and two bathrooms. All of the stage 1 villas have been sold and building of the next stage of villas has commenced.


By mid this year twenty rest home and hospital care suites are to be completed. Along with the opening of a large community centre. Further stages will include a dementia homestead, care suites, care cottages, serviced cottages and additional villas. 


The village has been designed to retain the rural landscaping with extensive lawn and garden areas which celebrate the heritage of the site. It is important to us that the environment has tranquil surroundings for residents to enjoy. 


As a village resident, priority access will be given to our care facilities should you require a short stay or longer term care. It is reassuring to know that nursing assistance are always close by, and you can recuperate and be looked after in familiar surroundings.


Management invites input from residents towards the running of their community and meet regularly with the residents to share ideas and opinions. Management respects the input that residents contribute towards the running of their community. After all, it is their home.


Our facilities will always be of the highest quality and our staff are dedicated to providing friendly service and skilled care.


The Grange will continue to grow on the strength of its history and heritage and our vision for the future. We invite you to be part of this.



Situated near the Taieri plains, with expansive open spaces, this is an ideal location to experience the rural lifestyle whilst being in close proximity to Mosgiel. 


This land is steeped in history and heritage. Being one of the earliest farms in Mosgiel and a home for many generations with traces back to the first occupant of the land, Archibald Anderson in 1844. The main use of the land in the 18th and 19th century was for agriculture purposes; breeding cattle, sheep and horses. 


Anderson’s farm supplied meat to the community. In 1848 Anderson sold 52 acres to John Carnegie, who sold on to McGregor in 1850. McGregor played a large role in the development of the Taieri and Mosgiel, being a frequent member on local committees and boards such as a committee appointed with the task of establishing a school in 1852 and went on to gift land from the Grange for the erection of a Roman Catholic Chapel. 


The land was known for being very fertile and more lately has been known for growing peony roses. 


The history of this property will continue to be respected within the village from the communal buildings having a barn character to them. Sitting alongside The Grange are paddocks of animals for all to enjoy. 


All buildings will be purpose built and are designed from our experience within the industry. They aim to provide living that is comfortable and of the highest quality standard.


Set amongst a spacious rural setting, The Grange Lifecare provides a community within a community – offering companionship, security and new experiences.


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